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We help pioneers change the world

Planetvision Capital is a boutique investment management group, with a purpose to shape a better future. Founded in 2006, today, actively invests’ in companies and projects, primarily in Aerospace and Real Estate. Led by a diverse, and experienced team of professionals located in London and Limassol, it provides entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience that is essential to build excellent companies.



Space & Space-related Businesses

Planetvision invests in the final frontier of space technology to enhance connectivity, national security and resource extraction, unleashing the potential through globally transformative technologies & services.

Real Estate

Building Destinations and Creating Places

Planetvision invests in building destinations and creating exclusive, sophisticated and contemporary inspired properties situated in the finest locations within Cyprus.

Investment Strategy

We are Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Our team focuses primarily on companies early in their growth trajectory and prioritizes flexibility – both leading and following investments, in addition to opportunistically looking at earlier and later stage companies, as well as secondary opportunities. We back companies that show us the future, creating new categories and rewriting the rules.

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