Space & Space-related Businesses

Planetvision invests in the final frontier of space technology to enhance connectivity, national security and resource extraction. We partner with pioneering founders to solve the hardest problems on Earth and to help launch humanity’s storyline off-planet.


Founded in 2006 as Kypros Satellites, the company was established with a vision to build, launch and operate global telecommunications infrastructure solutions using high-throughput satellite technology.

In 2019, Kypros Satellites was renamed to Pieris Aerospace to reflect the company’s expansion into additional sectors and participation in infrastructure projects which involve technologies and methods of communications other than satellites.

Pieris Aerospace’s customers and partners include governments, telecommunications operators, digital media distributors, multinational corporations and other established satellite operators. The company provides complete infrastructure solutions, covering all aspects of deployment including the design, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, insurance, ground systems and operations.